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EnergoFront continues development of relations with foreign partners

18 Февраля 2015
Under the forming of anti -crisis strategy  JSC “EnergoFront”  had some meetings with representatives of its foreign partners- manufacturers. In Moscow the negotiations with top managers of JSC “KSB”, VOITH Turbo and EMIT S.A. were held.
Notwithstanding foreign policy and irregularity of Russian currency rate, last year JSC “EnergoFront” significantly increased the share of foreign equipment in the volume of its technical solutions. The reason for this was and still is their higher reliability and technical and economical advantages. The service provided by JSC “EnergoFront” guarantees effective support on all stages of  realization of projects.
To improve competitive advantages of the solutions from JSC “EnergoFront”  the company will get additional preferences and support from its partners ,that, in turn,  will allow keeping company’s position at the market.


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