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EnergoFront employees were certified

29 Января 2018

Annual training and certification of personnel is one of the priority directions of HR management of LLC «EnergoFront».

In the second half of January the final certification of project managers and heads of departments and divisions of LLC «EnergoFront» and LLP «EnergoFront-KZ», which has already become a traditional program of professional development of employees of the company, was held. The test was conducted not only to assess the financial results of units, but also to monitor the implementation of annual operating objectives and growth of professional competences of specialists.

Проведена аттестация сотрудников ЭнергоФронта

As a result of certification, all employees have confirmed the high level of qualification, showing the perfection of professional knowledge, compliance with company standards, as well as a detailed awareness of internal operational and administrative processes. Taking into account the obtained data, the company plans to hold a series of trainings for more detailed improvement of knowledge and skills in key areas of activity.

Based on the results of report and attestation we formed plans and goals for the current year, approved the company's budget.

The opinion of the General Director of LLC «EnergoFront» Alexey Gladkov: «The ongoing intra-corporate development is one of the most effective tools for EnergoFront group to promote the company in the market. The highest professionalism enhances our image, significantly increases the chances of concluding profitable and long-term agreements with our partners and customers, and opens new development opportunities. Planning of additional training courses and programs is a separate direction, built through intra-corporate employees’ education, because every year there are new challenges, we must understand and respond to new customer requirements, learn new things. In 2018, in this anniversary year, «EnergoFront» company aims to show the best results in all key indicators».

With a wish of outstanding performance,

team EnergoFront #FrontMind


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