Знания и опыт
         в прогресс и эффективность

EnergoFront represents its great experience and competences to TPP of JSC “INTER RAO-Electrogeneration”

20 Декабря 2016

Stability and experience are the basis for development. The knowledge and competences of staff are the basis for development of company. Increasing the list of successfully realized projects determines the total effectiveness of company and competitiveness at the market. To develop we always aim to accumulate experience, not neglecting individual approach to each customer and his real needs. Only qualified specialists can exactly determine tasks and goals of project.

EnergoFront represents its great experience and competences to TPP of JSC “INTER RAO-Electrogeneration”

Now JSC “INTER RAO-Electrogeneration” is a key client for JSC “EnergoFront” in supply of pump equipment and electric motors.

During December our company has won in some tenders to supply equipment for the branches of JSC “INTER RAO- Electrogeneration”.

Next year JSC”EnergoFront” will supply the second electric motor 4АЗМ-8000/6000УХЛ4 produced by NPO”Elsib” PJSC to replace electric drive of startup and standby pump at energy unit 7 at Kostromskaya GRES.

The same confident victory the company got in the tender to supply electric motor

2АДО-С-1600/800-6000-6/8У1 to replace electric motor of blower fan №3 at Kashirskaya GRES. To minimize the costs of the station for modernization both electric motors were redesigned taking into account dimensions of current basements. Specialists of service department of JSC “EnergoFront” will make commissioning and start-up after the supply.

Besides, JSC “EnergoFront” will g on replacement of worn out booster pumps at Iriklinskaya GRES. Next year the company will supply modernized pump set ПД650-160-2 with electric motor 4АЗМ-500/6000-УХЛ4.

At Gusinoozyorskaya GRES the company will continue replacement of drives of mill aggregates ММТ 2000/2500/730. Next year in summer JSC ”EnergoFront” will supply and installed two electric motors АДОТ-800-6000-8У3 produced by NPO ”Elsib” PJSC.

All the equipment will be put into operation under strict control of specialists of service department of JSC “EnergoFront”.

Opinion. Artyom Musikov, project manager of JSC “EnergoFront”:

“We have been cooperating with station of JSC “INTER RAO-Electrogeneration” for more than 7 years. The total amount of branches is 25 stations in all Russia.JSC “INTER RAO- Electrogeneration” is one of the biggest energy systems in Russia. We are proud with this cooperation and value it. JSC “EnergoFront” meets all the requirements and standards necessary for working including operation of equipment. Thus, we have proved ourselves as a reliable partner”.

Wishing you effective cooperation, EnergoFront team #FrontProject


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