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EnergoFront successfully develops relationship with Mosenergo

12 Декабря 2014
JSC “EnergoFront” was declared a winner in the open tender to supply electric motor for feeding pump for TPP-21 of JSC “Mosenergo”. Under the dispatch JSC “EnergoFront” suggested the optimal solution-electric motor 4АЗМ-4000/6000 УХЛ4 produced by NPO “Elsib” JSC that meets the requirements of technical specification and provides reliable operation. Basing on the experience  and professional skills of specialists from JSC ‘EnergoFront” the customer was suggested well-reasoned analysis in favor of the equipment produced by NPO “Elsib” JSC that was reflected in the results of technical audit.

This win became the apparent breakthrough in the direction of development of relationship with the largest of power generating companies in Russia- JSC “Mosenergo”. JSC “EnergoFront” is going to make multi-stage relationship with JSC “Mosenergo” in supply of equipment, its service and repair.


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