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EnergoFront wishes you a Happy New Year 2017!

9 Января 2017

Dear colleagues and friends, our team congratulates all of you with A Happy New Year! This year of a Red Fire Rooster will be filled with powerful fire energy. As stated in Feng Shui horoscope, symbols of 2017 are red flowers and gold. They will fill your life with bright colors and bring the long-awaited success. Your year promises to be filled with rich important events that will help to open your personal potential and reveal leadership skills. May you and your luck will wake up together every day as a rooster wakes up with first rays of the sun 365 days a year!

EnergoFront wishes you a Happy New Year 2017!

«We hope that cooperation with us in the past year was delightful and effective for you. We don’t stop in development and promise that the quality of our services for you will be only growing in the future», - says CEO of LLC EnergoFront Alexey Gladkov.

With the wish of goals achievement,

Team EnergoFront #FrontHoliday


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