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Equipment is being commissioned ahead of the schedule

3 Августа 2015
JSC”EnergoFront” actively participates in the project of complex modernization of equipment at Tsentralnaya TPP in Saint-Petersburg that is one of the main projects of TGK-1 for the next years. Under the modernization two gas and steam units consisted of gas turbine Siemens SGT-800 and water heating waste boilers will be set at the plant. New equipment will increase quality and reliability of power supply of the central part of the city as well as decrease specific consumer of fuel to produce power and heat energy.

The company supplied a set of pump units including pumps for the most important usage, i.e  main line pumps RDLO 350-690, line delivery pump RS150-500, fire- extinguishing pump ETANORM FXA 200-150-400 with diesel drive,  condensate pump MULTITEC and other units produced by KSB. Having completed up-to time supply of the equipment JSC “EnergoFront” in accordance with agreed schedule is busy now with supervision over commissioning of pump and VFD equipment, regulated hydro coupling and other equipment for regulation and supply of declared characteristics.

Commissioning and start-up on this construction area is planned for November-December 2015 that is a bit in advance of the terms earlier declared. These activities will be made with participation of JSC “EnergpFront” engineering supervision.


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