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Iriklinskaya GRES prefers technical solutions from EnergoFront

28 Августа 2015
JSC “ EnergoFront” considered to be  the winner in the open tender to supply electric motor 4 АЗМ-8000/6000 УХЛ4 for the drive of feeding startup and standby auxiliary pump at Iriklinskaya GRES- branch of JSC “INTER RAO – Electrogeneration”.

In this supply we represent interests of our long-term reliable partner- NPO “Elsib” JSC- leading Russian producer of high voltage electric motors.

Having properly worked out technical data, we offered electric motor 4АЗМ-8000/6000-УХЛ4 in non-standard version, i.e. with outline dimensions to be placed on the current basement of the former electric motor АВ-8000/6000 with necessary completeness acc. to technical task.

After the supply our service specialists will make commissioning and start-up of the equipment.
This victory again showed the quality of technical solutions offered by JSC “EnergoFront” to its clients for selection of non-standard equipment.


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