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Optimization of Kazanskaya CHP-2

13 Февраля 2017

One of the basic principles of effective management of manufacturing is to focus on the mutually beneficial relationship with partners and suppliers. Carefully building up its relationships, companies can implement innovative solutions more quickly and with minimal losses. Approved partners, aware of enterprise organization can offer the most suitable solutions. Thanks to the experience of joint work, partners can establish contact more quickly, understand the needs and work efficiently. For example, to guarantee the quality of the delivered equipment we need to achieve long-term cooperation with suppliers.

Optimization of Kazanskaya CHP-2

LLC «EnergoFront» signed a contract with a subsidiary JSC "Tatenergo" of Kazanskaya CHP-2 for the supply of network electric pump units Delium D250-400A-W/H-t-E UHL3.1 (on the parameters: Q = 1250m3/h, H = 45m, T = 120gr.S) on a common frame with electric motors AOM-355M-4U1 (250kW, 6 kV) in the amount of 3 pieces. Electro pump units are supplied to replace worn out pumps SE1250-70-11 for optimization of pressure characteristics and increase the energy efficiency of pumps. After delivery, specialists of the Service Department of «EnergoFront» conduct work on the chief supervision of installation and commissioning of pumping units.

In this delivery EnergoFront company represents the interests of a long-standing trusted partner - JSC «HMS Group». During long-term cooperation, the company has established itself as a reliable supplier of a quality equipment that can perform complex tasks in a highly professional manner, on time. Such trusted partnerships allow being confident in the work with the customer and ensuring the expected result.

Opinion of Project Manager of LLC «EnergoFront» Igor Babich:

«Thanks to the considerable experience of work with a variety of companies it is not difficult for us to offer customers the most optimal solution for their business objectives. Long-term cooperation with companies allows us to feel the requirements and propose in short terms the alternatives that meet the needs of a particular manufacturer. As in the case of JSC «Tatenergo» Kazanskaya CHP-2, during the five years of collaboration we have studied the peculiarities of the enterprise and chosen the best equipment in the framework of a given project. Supplied equipment by JSC «HMS Group» will ensure smooth operation of the company for a long term. Thanks to the work with such permanent suppliers our customers trust us.»

With a wish of effective cooperation,

Team EnergoFront #FrontProject


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