Знания и опыт
         в прогресс и эффективность


8 Октября 2018

On October 6, 2018, employees, partners and friends of EnergoFront group gathered in «Atrium-Hall» to celebrate the company's 10th anniversary together.


On the round date, EnergoFront group organized a solemn celebration in the style of cinema and pop art. The chosen style is not accidental and reflects, first of all, non-standard thinking in the implementation of complex and important projects. The program included performances, unexpected transformations, tricks and a bright musical show.

In addition, a 3D photo zone was organized, where guests could try on the stage image of their favorite movie hero, decorating their outfit with elements from his costume, or add colors to their image, adhering to the bright and unique pop art style.

Representatives of the majority of the company's main partners came to congratulate the hero of the day. The evening was rich, warm, cheerful and energetically charged.

Alexey Gladkov, General Director of EnergoFront company, noted with pleasure the achievements of the passed way: «The first 10 years are an important stage in the development of the company: its creation, formation, definition in a highly competitive market. During this period, EnergoFront group has established itself as a professional company, taking a leading position in the market, and a reliable partner, ready to offer non-trivial solutions that can affect the development of our industry. I am sincerely grateful to our team and our partners. Thanks to you, this holiday took place, and together we stepped into the next stage of our development».

With a wish of a holiday every day,

team EnergoFront #FrontHoliday


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