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Professional growth of employees is the key to company's success

6 Июля 2017

Personnel training is a process of mastering knowledge, skills, attainments and methods of communication under the guidance of experienced mentors, specialists and managers to develop employees' professional skills. Continuous professional development is beneficial not only to the employee himself, but also to the employer, because by investing money in training employees, he will receive even more income in the future. In addition, with the correct use of training, you can not only develop the professional competence of employees, but also increase their motivation. There are new technologies, equipment, which requires a certain qualification. If the staff possesses the required skills and knowledge, then the company will not stand still, it will develop and remain competitive.

Профессиональный рост сотрудников - залог успеха компании

Employees of the company «EnergoFront» always strive to update their knowledge, thereby improving the quality of work. In July, the head of the Department of Service conducted a training seminar for managers on the theme «Frequency converters and soft starters as modern methods for controlling an induction motor».

What is an electric motor in terms of process control, why and how to control the speed of the electric motor, what are the ways of control and its basic devices? These are just some of the topics that were taken up again during the training. The seminar participants were presented with a comparative description of modern manufacturers with their features, as well as the latest trends in the development of drive technology.

Apart from theoretical part, there was practice: special presentation frequency converter with an electric motor was demonstrated to the staff. Each of the participants of the seminar managed to thoroughly study the principles of its work, as well as to see the possibilities of the VFD and components.

The opinion of the leading engineer of the Technical Department of LLC «EnergoFront» Ilya Pisarevsky: «The meeting was successful and productive. Each of us managed not only to refresh the theoretical aspects related to the design and operation of electric motors, but also to test everything in practice. We twisted in the hands IGBT transistors, thyristors, capacitors, control boards, small VFDs, fans, control panels, etc. During the seminar, the employees managed to exchange experience with each other and ask questions of interest. At the end, everyone received «tips»: special materials that will be a great help in preparing presentations for customers and training new employees».

With a wish to acquire new knowledge,

Team EnergoFront #FrontMind


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