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Recovery of a power unit №3 of «Berezovskaya GRES»

21 Февраля 2017

Natural disasters, accidents and other force majeure situations at the manufacture facilities may lead to loss or serious damage to the company's equipment. Conduction of serious and high-quality operations is required during the large restoration of manufacture. Only a qualified partner, being directly in production, is able to offer an effective solution in short terms. The quality of the delivered equipment, its compatibility and durability in operation plays an important role.

Recovery of a power unit №3 of «Berezovskaya GRES»

In February 2016 the power unit №3 of «Berezovskaya GRES» was emergency disconnected due to ignition of fuel oil, whereupon was removed for repair. The end of reconstruction is scheduled for 2018.

A year after an accident the team of LLC «EnergoFront» signed a contract with machine-building plant JSC «Tyazhmash» to supply electric motors ADOT-1000-6000-12U3 by NPO «ELSIB» PJSC for drive units of mill-fans MB-3400/900/490. Electric motors will be given in operation in the 3rd unit of «Berezovskaya GRES» («Unipro» branch). Department specialists scheduled delivery and shipping of equipment for the end of August 2017 with a followed chef-installation operations.

Opinion of a Project Manager of LLC «EnergoFront» Alexey Ivanov:

"In 2012, we won the tender for the supply of equipment in the power unit №3 of

«Berezovskaya GRES». We conducted all the technical study and took into account all the requirements of the customer. After working for a relatively short time, in 2015 an accident happened, so that the production has stopped. The company's management was satisfied with our work, so in 2017 we are supplying the same equipment again by already elaborated specifications. We are pleased to meet the expectations of our customers and offer a stable working equipment and high-quality services.»

With a wish of effective cooperation,

Team EnergoFront #FrontProject


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