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Voith Turbo and EnergoFront look to the future with confidence

14 Июля 2015
Moscow office of German Company Voith Turbo became a place of meeting between EnergoFront management and a technical specialist of Voith Turbo responsible for Voith Turbo service promotion in European market. Despite that Voith has long and stable history of work in Russian market; the management of the company intends to localize production of hydrokinetic transmissions in Russia. At the same time the German supplier develops its relations with Russian partners who are actively promoting its equipment into their market segments.

The meeting agenda included the terms that will allow EnergoFront to receive fuller powers at installation and handover to warranty production of some types of fluid couplings. This will optimize the cost of fluid couplings and make this equipment more attractive to Russian clients. Moreover, the parties discussed mutual actions towards promotion of the long-terms service agreements in Russia and Kazakhstan that will conduct exploitation process of this equipment at energy objects.


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