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Delivery of the TDG600-200X10 feed pump manufactured by SHANGHAI KAIXUAN PUMP (GROUP) CO. LTD (China) under the project "Modernization of the Samara CHP with replacement of Turbine Unit station No. 4 and Boiler Unit station No. 4" for the needs of T Plus

20 февраля 2024

Samara CHP is one of the youngest thermal and technically advanced power plants in the Samara region. The installed electric capacity is 440 MW, the installed thermal capacity is 1954 Gcal/hour. It provides heat and electricity to more than half of the city of Samara, and almost 80% of the station's consumers are the population. The CHP equipment includes 5 turbines and 12 boilers.

Samara CHP

In 2019, Samara CHP was selected to participate in the federal program on modernization of the generation facilities "DPM-2" ("DPM-Shtrikh"). The federal program envisages the renewal of existing capacities. At the same time, the task is not just to extend their resource, but to increase the economic efficiency of generation.

Modernization measures include the comprehensive replacement of the boiler unit, steam turbine, generator and auxiliary equipment of power unit No. 4. The new capacity is scheduled to be commissioned in October 2025.

Feed pump Unit TDG600-200X10

As part of the auxiliary equipment, the project provides for the replacement of the existing “Sumy” feed pump unit PE 580-185-3 with new modern and efficient equipment.

АПЭ 580-185-3

Fig.1. Existing feed pump unit APE 580-185-3

Previously, PE series pumps were developed in the 70s and produced at the Pumpenergomash plant (Sumy, Ukraine). Since then, these types of pumps have been operated at almost all energy facilities in the Russian Federation. Taking into account the current international situation, the production of domestic PE series pumps currently has a long production time. In this regard, timely completion of equipment for current investment projects cannot be ensured.

Against the background of the current Western anti-Russian sanctions, as part of the rapprochement of the Chinese and the Russian economy and the establishment of partnerships with Chinese manufacturers of various equipment, EnergoFront company has developed a standard alternative technical proposal for the replacement of PE series pumps based on a high–quality analogue - the TDG series pump from the Chinese manufacturer KAIQUAN PUMP (GROUP) CO. LTD.

SHANGHAI KAIQUAN PUMP (GROUP) CO. LTD which is one of the largest pumping plants in China, having modern production facilities and producing high-quality pumping equipment.

To implement the project "Modernization of the Samara CHP plant with the replacement of Turbine Unit station No. 4 and Boiler Unit station No. 4", our specialists, together with the SHANGHAI KAIQUAN PUMP plant, adapted the technical characteristics and overall dimensions of the TDG600-200X10 pump, which fully correspond to the technical parameters of the original PE 580-185-5 pump.

The centrifugal double-hull feed pumps of the TDG series are based on the design of high-speed turbopowered pumps of the KHTC series operating at speeds above 5000 rpm in the nuclear power industry.

Technical parameters of TDG600-200X10 feed pump:

Технические параметры питательного насоса TDG600-200X10

Overall and connection dimensions of the TDG600-200X10 feed pump:

Габаритно-присоединительные размеры питательного насоса TDG600-200X10

Габаритно-присоединительные размеры питательного насоса TDG600-200X10

Sectional view of the TDG600-200X10 feed pump:

Разрез питательного насоса TDG600-200X10

The feed pump unit - TG 600-200x10 with parameters of 580 m3/h; 2030m, NPSH=10 m; T=165°C includes:

  • two-body feed pump TDG600-200x10 manufactured by SHANGHAI KAIXUAN PUMP;

  • electric motor 4AZM-4000/6000 UHL4 manufactured by NPO ELSIB PJSC;

  • block oil station to provide the oil system of the assembly unit;

  • complete pipe fittings;

  • individual anti-fire kit.

All supplied equipment undergoes preliminary factory tests under load in the presence of Customer representatives on specialized certified test benches.

Aggregation will be carried out at the construction site of the Samara CHP with the help of certified chief engineers of EnergoFront company, followed by complex commissioning operations of power unit No. 4.

EnergoFront, participating in the implementation of a responsible investment project of PJSC T Plus, offers an effective and reliable solution based on our knowledge and experience, as well as on partnerships with manufacturers of various equipment.

Project achievements

Meeting high requirements of the customer Achievement of the maximum unificationModern highly effective equipment is applied

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