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Сonstruction of the second stage of Blagoveshchensk TPP

22 Августа 2014

Blagoveshchensk TPP provides energy to industries and citizens of the town and the TPP is a basic company for Amur institutions of learning that graduate power engineers. In 2006 the TPP celebrated its 30th anniversary. Construction of the first stage of Blagoveshchensk TPP was completely finished in December 1985 with start-up of boiler №3.At the end of construction the installed capacity of the TPP reached the designed one- electric power 280MW, and thermal power-689Gkal/h.



Drawing.1 Blagoveshchensk TPP

Installation and construction works for building of the second stage of TPP started in 1998. In December 1994 boiler №4 was put into operation, later, in 1999, the third cooling tower started operation.

Connecting with construction of Northern housing estate it was decided to start construction of the second stage of Blagoveshchensk TPP in 2009. 8 billion rub. will be spent for the construction. JSC “RAO Energy System of East” will finance the project. The rest of the money will be transferred from the federal budget in 2014.

The second stage of Blagoveshchensk TPP is one of the four projects of the investment program of JSC “RusHydro” on construction of new energy sites in the Far East to be realized in cooperation with JSC “RAO Energy Systems of East” according to the Decree of the President of Russia. After construction of the second stage installed electric power of the TPP will be increased by 120 MW up to 400 MW, thermal power-by 188Gkal/h up to 1005Gkal/h. Annual output will reach 464 mln kW/h, and annual electric supply-427,0 mln. kW/h. Coal from the mine “Erkovetskiy”( Amur region) will be used as fuel for the plant.

As the main equipment for the second stage of Blagoveshchensk TPP the following machines were selected:

- turbo aggregate 120 MW produced by JSC “Power Machines”,

- coal-fired steam boiler made at Taganrog boiler works “Krasny Kotelshchik”,

- power and unit transformers produced by JSC “Power Machines- Toshiba”.

At the new construction a wide range of pump equipment will be used. The main supplier of the equipment will be JSC “Hydromashservice”, a part of JSC “HMS Group”. Being the owner of some leading producers of pump equipment in different countries worldwide the company could offer balanced range of pumps of different application. The main of them is feeding pump of boiler aggregate TLD-200/9-308/GN. This aggregate will be produced by Apollo Goessnitz Gmbh, Germany, acc. to the documentation of JSC “Nasosenergomash” Sumy” for the aggregateАПЭ 580-185-5 ( Qмах=550м3/h,Н=2150м). The pump will be completed with hydro coupling 682SVNL 33G produced by «Voith Turbo GmbH & Co», Germany.

The selection of the optimal electric motor for the pump was entrusted to JSC “EnergoFront”. Taking into account the requirements to energy efficiency, seismicity (7 score acc. to MSK -64), noise level- not more than 80dBA, protection degree( IP55), minimal terms for work-out of basic data for design and supply of the equipment, the electric motor HSTC 630FP produced by “HYOSUNG” (South Korea) was chosen.



Drawing.2 Electric motor type HSTC

Main characteristics of the motor:
Output – 4200kW;
Voltage – 6000V;
Frequency – 50Hz;
Speed – 2964 rp/m;
Efficiency – 96,2%;
Protection degree – IP55;
Insulation class – F;
Noise level pressure - 80 dBA.

Output of the motor was chosen in accordance with pump output( taking into account operation of the aggregate with hydro coupling).Adaptation of the motor to provide necessary noise level allowed to avoid implementation of noise casing that ,in its turn, allowed to decrease dimensions of pump aggregate, its weight and price. Absence of the casing will make operation procedures simpler for the staff of the TPP. According to the requirements of the customer the electric motor is completed with all necessary control detectors.

Drawing.3 Starting torques and current curves of HSTC 630FP.

Under the contract for supply of electric motor the specialists from service department of the company grouping “EnergoFront” will provide supervision of mounting of pump aggregate as well as make commissioning and start-up not only of electric motor but also with all rage of pump equipment.

Warranty for the equipment acc. to the conditions of producers of the equipment, in this case due to implementation of modern technologies and new engineering designs of HYOSUNG Company is more than 4 years, at the same time Russian producers of electric motor declare not more than 2 years since production.

 The possibility of implementation of electric motor HYOSUNG under this project proves quality and competitiveness of South-Korean brand which products have already been successfully implemented at energy generating sites of Russia and CIS-countries.

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