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Supply of oil supply units for electric feed pumps according to project 10510 icebreaker "Leader"

7 декабря 2023

Our company, together with JSC HMS Livgidromash, continues its active participation in the construction of the country’s nuclear icebreaker fleet. At the beginning of 2023, a contract for the supply of main feed and circulation electric pumps complete with an electric drive for a nuclear power plant icebreaker under construction 10510 “Leader” LK-120Ya with PJSC Kaluga Turbine Plant (part of Power Machines JSC), the manufacturer of the steam turbine unit PTU-74 was signed.

пр. 10510 «Лидер» ЛК-120Я

The design of the nuclear icebreaker pr. 10510 “Leader” LK-120Ya started several years ago and was carried out by many organizations: the lead developer was the Iceberg Central Design Bureau, OKBM im. I.I. Afrikantova was responsible for the development of a nuclear power plant, and part of the research and design work was taken over by Krylovsky state scientific center.This is not the first time these organizations have united to create a new vessel, but this time they had to develop a particularly large-scale project - the largest icebreaker in the world.

In accordance with the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 11 of January 15, 2020, the state corporation Rosatom was appointed for new construction as the state customer. FSUE Atomflot was appointed as the developer, responsible for the operation of the entire Russian fleet of nuclear icebreakers. The ship was laid down at shipbuilding complex "Zvezda" in Bolshoy Kamen.

The “Leader’s” task will be year-round work on the Northern Sea Route in order to ensure navigation andpilotage of merchant and scientific vessels. A number of definite technical requirements, the fulfillment of which is necessary using modern and advanced technologies are associated with this.In accordance with the technical specifications, the icebreaker project 10510 must overcome ice with a thickness of at least 4 m while constantly moving at a minimum speed. For ice 2 m thick, the constant speed is set at 12 knots. Necessity pilotage of large-capacity vessels led to an increase in the width of the icebreaker hull. It was also requiredto ensure high autonomy in terms of power reserve and service life during 40 years.

According to the project, the new nuclear icebreaker has a length of 209 m with a maximum width of 48 m.The total displacement is more than 71 thousand tons.

The power plant for project 10510 is being built on the basis of two RITM-400 water-cooled reactors with thermal power 315 MW each with a resource of 40 years and the need to replace fuel after 5-7 years.

The correct choice of equipment included in steam turbine power plants and its completeness directly affect production and technological capabilities, meeting high requirements for reliability and resource of steam turbine power plants.

One of these elements for the main electric feed pumps used in this project is oil supply unit (BMS EPN), which must provide lubrication and heat removal from the pump bearings toall operating modes. BMS EPN must comply with the Classification and Construction Rules of the sea vessels, Rules for the classification and construction of nuclear ships and floating structures and Rules for technical supervision over the construction of ships and the manufacture of materials and products for ships.

    The main criteria for choosing all manufacturer for this task were:

  • many years of experience in the development and supply of similar equipment;

  • modern production site equipped with high-precision production equipment;

  • availability of a test bench;

  • availability of quality management certificates and experience working with RMRS.

Oil supply units for electric feed pumps

Based on the results of the analysis of possible manufacturing plants, taking into account all the above criteria, EnergoFront employees selected the Pneumax LLC plant, located in the city of Khimki, Moscowregion. The manufacturer has been a leader in the production of hydraulic systems of various types for more than 25 years in the domestic market. Using the results of many years of scientific development research team, the use of high-precision processing machines, coordinate measuring centers allows us to obtain the highest quality products that meet the latest global standards.

In the process of close collaboration between the technical services of our company and Pneumax LLC, taking into account requirements of the technical specifications of PJSC Kaluga Turbine Plant, for this installation the optimal solution for BMS EPN was selected.

состав БМС ЭПН

    The EPN BMS includes:

  • oil tank EPN (BM EPN) assembly;

  • counter flanges, sealing gaskets and fasteners BM EPN;

  • two (main and backup) oil pumps (MN EPN);

  • single-chamber suction filters MN EPN;

  • switchable oil filter on the pressure manifold;

  • two oil coolers (MO) on the pressure manifold;

  • two low oil pressure reducing valves;

  • two direct-acting oil temperature regulators;

  • two non-return shut-off valves (one each at the MV EPN discharge);

  • fittings and pipelines within the BM EPN;

  • magnetic level indicator;

  • high and low level indicator;

  • release bolts on supporting surfaces;

  • set of mounting parts;

  • set of spare parts.


The proposed oil installation is compact in size, while ensuring stable operation and lubrication of bearings throughout the entire operating range of the ESP.

Supervised installation and commissioning work on the icebreaker will be carried out by the chief engineers of our equipment service department, which guarantees that these works are carried out in strict accordance with the requirements operational documentation for the supplied equipment. This allows you to be confident in the long term and trouble-free operation of the entire ship system.

Project achievements

Meeting the high customer requirements in terms of reliabilityModern highly effective equipment is applied

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