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Acceptance of the equipment for the icebreaker «Arktika» is progressing positively

15 Августа 2017

In early August, a working visit to the EMIT plant took place, with which the company «EnergoFront» has been cooperating for more than 5 years. The purpose of the business visit was the acceptance and commissioning testing of four mShw400H2Es electric motors. Acceptance of engines was carried out jointly with representatives of the customer, manufacturing plants, as well as the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping. This equipment will be part of the ПЭМА 250-80 pump unit, which in turn is designed to supply feedwater to the steam-turbine plant of the icebreaker «Arktika» (Project 22220). This is the first batch of engines, the production of another 8 engines for two serial icebreakers has already been put into production.

Cantoni Group is a leading European manufacturer of electrical machines, components for their manufacture and tools. This is a group of companies that unites a number of high-tech independent production units located in Poland. The basis for the creation of the group is considered to be the plant of electric machines EMIT in Zychlin city. Electric motors produced by Cantoni group are distinguished by European quality of assembly and their components. They are remarkable for their operational reliability and durability. The range of products includes electric motors for virtually all industries.

Acceptance of the equipment for the icebreaker «Arktika» is progressing positively

The opinion of the Project Manager of «EnergoFront» Ilya Zagorodniy: «The construction of the nuclear icebreaker «Arktika» is a very promising and strategically important project on the scale of our country. We are incredibly proud that we participate in it. In August, the engines of our partners, the EMIT plant, were successfully tested under the supervision of the admissions committee. This supplier was chosen not by chance. The equipment of the Polish manufacturer is equipped with a unique system of water cooling, has a low noise level, as well as a high degree of engine protection. Since the customer applied strict requirements to the quality of equipment and its technical characteristics, EMIT was the ideal option.

We are 100% sure of the high competence of our European colleagues. The first stage of the engines will be delivered before the end of 2017».

With a wish to implement large-scale plans,

Team EnergoFront #FrontProject


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