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All children need love and care

27 Марта 2015
State budget educational institution in Leningrad region  “ Siverskiy Special (Correctional) Orphan Home”  is making rehabilitation of its accommodation to organize more comfortable living for children.
This will make the conditions to make the children to get used to possible family easier under adoption program. JSC “EnergoFront” will participate and help with furniture facility and interior solutions.  

Summer vacations are being scheduled now. To organize proper rest of children JSC “EnergoFront” will partly finance the cost of tickets and accommodation in the sport camp in Krasnodar region.
In the new school term for senior children of the Home the company plans to organize some excursions to industrial companies of the city where the children will be able to see technologies of production, get to know equipment in operation and meet specialists. We hope that in future it will influence on their choice of profession and interest in modern engineering solutions.


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