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All engineers from service department of JSC “EnergoFront” were certified in Rostechnadzor

14 Августа 2015
According to Russian law operation at dangerous sites requires Rostechnadzor certification  of all specialists that proves knowledge and skills of safe operation.

Taking into account specification of work of service department of JSC ‘EnergoFront” all specialists of the department were taught in the Institute of industrial safety. Basing on the results of training and further testing in the board of North-West Directorate of Rostechnadzor all specialists successfully passed final examinations in the most important areas, i.e. :
- Basis of industrial safety, Level A.1
- Operation of boilers (steam, hot water, with organic and non- organic heating agents) at dangerous industrial sites, Level Б.8.21
- Operation of pipe lines of steam and hot water at dangerous industrial sites, Level Б.8.22
- Operation of vessels under pressure at dangerous industrial sites, Level Б.8.23
- Rules of safety at operation electricity-generating equipment, less and higher 1000V

New knowledge and certification will help us to work at sites with high quality and professionally.


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