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Brainstorm together with YORD training company

20 Октября 2017

The personnel training is a development of professional expertise, knowledge and skills of employees with due consideration of goals of the relevant divisions, which in its turn are determined by the company strategy. In the modern fast-changing market environment companies can achieve success only if they would be able to elevate their methods of work to a whole new level. The company is forced to be flexible in work, creating new relation systems both with business partners and its employees, to develop adequate strategies for the changes taking place, rethink priorities in the organization development.


In October, EnergoFront Team took part in the corporate training, once again conducted by Yord consulting company. The meeting was held in the brainstorm format, using which specific cases from employees’ practice were studied: problems arising during communication with customers, preparation for negotiations, etc.

The main goal of the meeting was to generate and examine in detail specific ideas as a matter for resolution of conflict situations. Besides, the strategic preparation for negotiations was worked out to the last detail.

The opinion of the Communication Manager of LLC «EnergoFront» Olga Konstantinova: «In my opinion, the most popular and the easiest way of creating ideas is the brainstorm. The formation of the result occurs in different ways, the easiest way is to use the voting and discussion series with the crossing-out of certain ideas and the concretization of other ideas. This is a very exciting occupation, which gives the result not only at the discussion stage but also at the subsequent stages aimed to solve the assigned tasks. Brainstorm is a very useful method to utilize, when there is a team with which you can come up with some ideas, and when there are members in the team who can handle any problem when working together, collectively».

With a wish to have bright ideas,

Team EnergoFront #FrontMind


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