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Business quests - a new format of corporate training

30 Мая 2017

Recently more and more companies realize that it is much easier and cheaper to develop its own specialists than to invite professionals from the outside. That is why corporations are increasingly using the system of staff training. Despite the fact that the organization of corporate training involves substantial costs, companies go for it because they realize the importance of these investments in future development.

From 24 to 26 May 2017, full team of «EnergoFront» company held its next annual training with the involvement of the consulting company «Yord – business quests».

Special attention was paid to the development of the skills of successful interaction with clients and the formation of clear principles of building long-term relationships with partners.

Business quests - a new format of corporate training

Business quest is a method of active learning aimed at developing skills and attitudes. In modern business, one and most important skill comes to the fore - the ability to interact and solve complex tasks in a team with other people. And so the corporate event is not only a way to relax and gain strength, but also an intensive training of all the skills necessary for the productive teamwork of «EnergoFront» company.

The opinion of the Communications Manager of «EnergoFront» Olga Konstantinova:

«The market of corporate educational services is developing rapidly in recent years. Companies today can choose training for any taste and budget. But today's reality is that not all staff training and development needs can be met by conducting a classical training. At the same time, often in conditions of limited budget and in minimum period. Business requires complex solutions and massive educational programs. In this case, business quest, as a new format of learning can become the best choice. We are grateful to the company «Yord - business quests» for high professionalism and individual approach to solving our problems».

With a wish of quality knowledge,

Team EnergoFront #FrontMind


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