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Construction of Mikheevskiy GOK is scheduled…

10 Декабря 2012

“Russkaya Mednaya Kompaniya” (RMK) continues development of the deposit “Mikheevskoe”. This project is a project of federal importance and in the newest history of Russia this is the most ambitious project of processing and mining combine construction “from the ground up” on CIS territory.

Now construction of Mikheevsk GOK is strictly scheduled. Ore-dressing plant is now being constructed. Trunk conveyor by JSC “Tyazhmash”( Syzran)of 1415 m. length and 1600 m width to transport ore from the deposit to the ore-dressing plant will be used.

JSC “NPP TechnoProekt” successfully made some technical solutions connected with the drive of trunk conveyor and held supply of the drive consisted of:
- electric motor Suf560HV6 by EMIT S.A., Poland;
- soft start system model УПТФ-1000M by JSC “Enegrocomplekt”.

Witness tests were successfully held, and the equipment was delivered to construction site.

JSC “NPP TechnoProekt “will make commissioning and start-up of supplied equipment.


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