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Dmitry Medvedev’s congratulation with Power Engineers’ Day

23 Декабря 2013
Dmitry Medvedev’s congratulation with Power Engineers’ Day:
Dear friends!
Let me congratulate you with your professional holiday.
Power engineering industry is rightfully considered to be the basis of Russian economics and your work is a strong contribution into its dynamic development. Non-stop operation of industrial companies and social institutions such as schools, hospitals and kindergartens depends on effectiveness of the complex as well as light, heat and comfort in houses of millions of Russian people. Today it’s important to provide sustainable development of power engineering industry at first via start-up operation of new capacities, implementation of eco-friendly and energy saving technologies. It’s necessary to attract investments into perspective projects including renewable energy.
I wish you string health, good luck and all the best. My special gratitude is to the retired in energy industry whose long term experience has become a dignified example for the young generation of specialists.

EnergoFront staff is coming in on this congratulation and wishes all specialists in energy field deserved reward for their dedicated work!


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