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Employees of EnergoFront have passed annual certification

27 Февраля 2017

We can do a lot, we know a lot. Knowledge is power.

© Francis Bacon

The competitiveness of a company in the market apart from the obvious parameters is also determined by professional skills of its employees. The activity improvement of each employee is the predominant management task for most companies.

Systematic and regular staff competency test improves the quality of work of the company as a whole, as well as makes a positive impact on employees’ motivation, their professional growth.

Employees of EnergoFront have passed annual certification

Employees of LLC «EnergoFront» have passed annual certification to determine the level of professional knowledge and compliance with the company’s standards. Employees of the key departments, including the regional office in Astana, attended the certification. The overall results of the certification once again showed a growth in the development of key competencies of project managers and department heads, increasing of their responsibility to fulfill their duties and enhance the initiative in dealing with complex and unusual tasks. After reviewing the data, the company will form a set of study programs and trainings for improvement of knowledge and skills in key areas of the company activity.

Opinion a Project Manager of LLC «EnergoFront» Alexey Ivanov:

"The team of «EnergoFront» is certified every year in late January according to the regulations. Certification takes place in the form of a dialogue in the presence of shareholders. We are presenting the financial and technical developments for the coming year, taking into consideration the slightest technical features of projects. Certification allows us to understand not only how the staff works, weak points in the company, where the manager is growing, but also stimulate him to increase his competences. Every year there are new challenges, we must understand the new requirements of customers and learn new things. After three years in the company, I already understood the approach and consciously evaluate the effectiveness of my work.»

With a wish of continuous development,

Your EnergoFront #FrontMind


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