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EnergoFront celebrates housewarming!

12 Апреля 2018

With the coming of spring, we want some new things to appear. And it is very symbolic that in the spring of anniversary 2018 team «EnergoFront» moves into a new bright workspace.

ЭнергоФронт празднует новоселье!

Every developing company faces over time the need to move. Since «EnergoFront» is seriously going to develop new segments of the energy market and increase staff, recruiting new professionals to its team, there is a need to expand the space.

In April, the company changed its «home» address. The area of new office space has increased significantly, the conditions for employees have become even more comfortable.

The opinion of Communications Manager of LLC «EnergoFront» Olga Konstantinova: «We are pleased to announce that a significant event took place in our company during the jubilee year - moving to a new office. Now we are developing a fresh concept and design of the office space, choosing furniture. Despite the large front of work ahead, all these efforts bring only joy and pleasure. We are looking forward to the moment when we will be able to invite guests to our cozy new home».

With the wish of pleasant updates,

team EnergoFront #FrontInfo


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