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«EnergoFront» company has presented the corporate calendar for the year 2018

14 Ноября 2017

Today corporate calendar is more used as a great way to affirm your company. Superficially attractive, carrying a functional load, it can serve to inform a large number of potential clients about the activities of your company. However, for LLC «EnergoFront» corporate calendar is not just a part of corporate identity. It is a very important element for the company in building communication with its audience. Each calendar is carefully planned: from idea to realization, from sketches to finished layouts – every detail is important and thoroughly worked out. Corporate calendar of EnergoFront is a living project, which has been growing together with the company for many years.

Календарь 2018

2018 is a special year for EnergoFront, the company will celebrate its 10th anniversary. During this long period, there have been many changes not only within the company but also in the world of science and technology. «A journey of 10 years» - under this name was published the new annual corporate calendar, devoted to the most outstanding discoveries made over the last ten years in the field of astronautics, chemistry, physics, medicine, electronics and, of course, energy.

Calendar, traditionally, will become a nice Christmas present to all partners, colleagues and EnergoFront staff.

With the wish of breakthrough ideas in the New Year,

team EnergoFront #FrontInfo


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