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EnergoFront conquers the «Arctic»

6 Апреля 2017

Shipbuilding is one of the largest industries of Russian engineering. Over the past year, domestic shipyards commissioned about 170 ships, of which 66 civil and 102 military. More than 2000 enterprises from various industries were involved in the process of construction and further maintenance of the ships. This branch of the economy has significant scientific and technical potential, affecting the development of technologies in related industries.

EnergoFront conquers the «Arctic»

In the middle of 2016, the head nuclear icebreaker «Arktika» was launched. The length of the universal nuclear icebreaker (project 22220) is 173.3 meters, width - 34 meters, displacement - 33.5 thousand tons, crew - 75 people. It carries out pilotage in arctic conditions, breaking up to three meters of ice in the course of the movement.

LLC «EnergoFront» continues to develop the shipbuilding in its work. In early April, the company signed a contract to supply an electric drive solution for feeding pumps to the prototype model of the «Arktika» icebreaker - the most powerful and largest icebreaker in the world. In the nearest future, an agreement for the delivery of an electric drive solution for circulating and supplying pumps of 2nd and 3rd serial icebreakers will also be concluded. Within the framework of this project, EnergoFront will supply 8 motors with inverters (290 kW, 600 rpm, 380 V) for circulating units and 8 motors with VFR (800 kW, 3000 rpm, 690 V) for power supply units. All solutions for the electric drive will be operated as part of the pump units of «HMS Livgidromash» company.

The opinion of the project manager of LLC «EnergoFront» Sergey Donskov:

«The previous supplier of the equipment experienced difficulties connected with increased power consumption of their electric drive system. Due to competent selection of the electric drive, we will be able to eliminate this problem on the serial icebreakers. In general, I want to note that, for the company, it is a very large and important project. Shipbuilding in Russia is gaining momentum every year, and EnergoFront has already established itself as a reliable supplier of drive solutions for this industry».

With the wish of conquering new peaks,

Team EnergoFront #FrontProject


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