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«EnergoFront» continues its collaboration with MCC EuroChem JSC

4 Октября 2017

MCC EuroChem JSC is an agrochemical company, one of the most fast growing large producers of fertilizers in the world. At the moment EuroChem produces nitrogenous fertilizers and phosphorous fertilizers, and in the near future the production of potassium fertilizers will also be started.

JSC «ROTEC» is a multidisciplinary industrial holding that provides maintenance services for gas and steam turbines, the production of power-generating equipment. The company provides engineering services and develops a number of high tech projects in different industrial fields.

«EnergoFront» continues its collaboration with MCC EuroChem JSC.

JSC «ROTEC» acts as a main contractor for construction of the electric power plant at the ammonia production site for JSC «EuroChem – Northwest».

The realization of the project «Electric power plant. Ammonia production, Kingisepp» at the production site of JSC «EuroChem – Northwest» is performed for the purpose of organization of utilization of steam from the new ammonia production site and also for the purpose of generation of electric power and provision of industrial network of Company Industrial Group Phosphorite LLC with the 0.7 MPa medium (excessive) pressure steam and the 0.31 MPa low (excessive) pressure steam for the needs of ammonia production heat supply.

The reversible process water supply system with the circulating pumping station, for which the supply of circulating pumps is provisioned, is provided for the purpose of removal of excessive heat energy from the steam turbine plant condenser and the electric power plant auxiliary equipment.

According to the results of the tender and based on the agreement with MCC EuroChem JSC, «EnergoFront» company, representing the interests of the famous European KSB concern at this tender, has been chosen as a supplier of circulating pumps in the quantity of 3 pieces. «EnergoFront» will provide with Omega series pump units that have a positive and significant reference with regard to the supplies delivered to Russian enterprises.

The opinion of Project Manager of LLC «EnergoFront» Svetlana Prokudina: «EnergoFront has a long and positive experience of collaboration with MCC EuroChem JSC specialists. We are proud of every joint project, and we appreciate it. Our company meets all requirements and standards that are required for work performance, including those related to the equipment operation. Thus, we proved ourselves to be a reliable partner».

With a wish to gain valuable partners,

Team EnergoFront #FrontProject


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