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«EnergoFront» developed detailed flow charts for clients

20 Ноября 2017

«EnergoFront» company, in conjunction with the marketing partner - PERO Group agency, managed to develop and create interesting, rich, user-friendly and interactive material – flow charts section - which, on the one hand, will tell customers a principled way of finding solutions, and, on the other hand - will help to form a correct idea about the company.

технологические карты

Almost all divisions of EnergoFront have been involved in the work on systematization of industry solutions – from sales professionals, who are the first to know about important operating requirements, to service engineers, who know firsthand the possible problems in the operation of technological equipment. Leading technical support engineer of «EnergoFront» company aggregated all the gained knowledge, and subsequently formed the content of a new section of the website with technical information.

Flow charts are already available on the official website of EnergoFront in the «Services» section: http://technologymaps.energofront.ru/

The opinion of the Deputy General Director for development, shareholder, Viktor Chernyshov: «We are confident that today our customers have no problem with just purchasing the necessary equipment. Currently available sources of information, communication, financial tools easily help to implement it. Nevertheless, what equipment to purchase in order to effectively reach manufacturing goals – that is the main issue. 

So with the help of this material we decided to show our potential customers that we strive to proceed from technological task, which is formulated by the client either independently or with our help. 

We have gained voluminous experience, which allowed us to describe the pressing issues facing the manufacturers of electricity and thermal energy, and show the solutions that have been developed».

With the wish of useful innovations,

Team EnergoFront #FrontInfo


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