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EnergoFront empowers «Pechorskaya Thermal Power Plant» JSC «Inter RAO - Electric Power Plants»

30 Января 2017

Innovative technologies enhance the technological capabilities of enterprises. It is not a secret anymore. In addition, an important task of modernization is not only to increase production, but also to minimize costs. That is why careful and responsible choice of a partner can become the priority area and lead to high results. Nowadays after testing the current state of the equipment, there is a possibility of introducing the most advanced technologies, suitable for specific object.

EnergoFront empowers «Pechorskaya Thermal Power Plant» JSC «Inter RAO - Electric Power Plants»

As part of a comprehensive modernization of power stations of JSC "Inter RAO-Electric Power Plants" LLC «EnergoFront» will supply two electric motors 2ADO-C-1800/1000-6000-6/8Y1 produced by NPO "ELSIB" PJSC for the modernization of two blower fans VDN-25х2 of power unit № 2 of «Pechorskaya Thermal Power Plant» JSC «Inter RAO - Electric Power Plants» branch.

To reduce the total costs for modernization supplied electric motors 2ADO-C-1800/1000-6000-6/8Y1 will be finalized taking into account the full contact with the foundation of the existing motors DAZO-18-59-6/8Y1. In addition, we will supply new motors with PTFE liners, which will improve starting performance and extend the resource of bearings of the electric motor 2ADO-C-1800/1000-6000-6/8Y1.

In this project, specialists of the service department of LLC «EnegroFront» will carry out a range of services of installation and commissioning supervision of supplied motors.

Opinion of the project manager of LLC «EnergoFront» Artem Musikov:

«Our company took part in the competition, where exactly our decision has won. In this competition, we have developed a customized proposal that completely met the requirements of the customer. Electric motors are designed on the existing foundation, equipped with the necessary amount of sensors, have a modern coil MONOLITH-4, high reliability and energy efficiency values. The complexity of the project consisted in the fact that the drawings of the existing foundations of the station has not been preserved, so all measurements had to be taken on the spot. If it were not done, the equipment would have to be further finalized on the site, which would entail additional financial and time costs.

I would also like to note that it is very difficult to reach Pechorskaya Thermal Power Plant by car, so the delivery will be carried by train.»

With the wish of effective cooperation,

Team EnergoFront #FrontProject


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