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EnergoFront European partners believe in perspectives of the Russian market

11 Декабря 2015
One of the strategic partners of JSC “EnergoFront” in supply of high- voltage electric motors, EMIT S.A.
(Poland), is going to increase the volume of its deliveries to the Russian market in the nearest  future. Now the main industrial market is coal mining and mining engineering industries. For many years the company could prove the quality and reliability of its products. The company annually invests in development of technologies and widening of the range of products.

Ramp up of deliveries is planned via other industries such as power generation, water channels and machine building companies. Next year JSC “EnergoFront” aims to increase the share of EMIT S.A. products in its solutions up to €1,5 million. It’s said about purchase of electric motors for drive of pump and conveyor equipment.

All above mentioned including development of the program of localization was discussed at the meeting of top management of both companies in Zhikhlin( Poland). Basing on the results of the meeting process map to develop long term partnership between the companies was made.


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