Знания и опыт
         в прогресс и эффективность

EnergoFront experience and skills will be implemented in the projects of FSUE “Atomflot”

23 Июня 2016
On the June,6  there was a launch of the front nuclear –power ice-breaker ”Arctic” project 22220 in Saint-Petersburg. It will be the most powerful and the biggest ice-breaker in the world. The ice-breaker “Arctic” has a double-reactor nuclear unit with the main source of steam from reactor unit РИТМ-200 with capacity of 175 MW. The length of the vessel is 173 m, the width is 34 m, the tonnage is 33,5 thousand ton.

The company JSC” HMS”Livhydromash” will supply 4 feeding electric pump sets ПЭМА 250-80 that will be  designed taking into account special conditions of operation on the vessel.

To solve the task to select non-standard electric drive JSC “EnergoFront” was attracted as a consultant and expert in this field.

The main requirements to the equipment were reliability and faultless operation under severe condition of working (static inclining, lists, rockings, and trim differences), reference to all articles of Russian Marine Register.

Using long-term experience of working with different producers of electric drive systems, EnergoFront has formed the optimal solution for such a responsible project , and ,agreed with the Customer , EnergoFront will supply reliable equipment of leading partners- producers of electric motors and VFDs. Specialists from service department of JSC “EnergoFront” will take part in commissioning and start-up.


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