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EnergoFront has a new team of professionals

1 Февраля 2019

Implementing the principals of improving the efficiency of management and formation of a professional team of kea managers, the Board of shareholders of LLC «EnergoFront» decided to appoint:

1. For the post of Commercial Director – Musikov Artyom

2. For the post of Finance Director – Starodubtsev Artyom

В ЭнергоФронте новая команда профессионалов

Both employees long ago have recommended themselves in the company as competent and responsible specialists and demonstrated the ability to work independently on responsible directions.

The new team will face the task of not only growth in numbers, but also in quality in the implementation of a three-year strategy of the development of the company.

We wish the guys success in achieving their goals!

With the wish of professional growth,

team EnegroFront #FrontInfo


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