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«EnergoFront» has become closer: we are in VKontakte and Facebook

28 Июня 2017

Social Media Marketing has a number of advantages over classical marketing and other online promotional tools. Advertising in social networks is more interactive and rapidly spreading. Ignoring the fact that presence in social networks is simply necessary, can be very expensive.

Social media are effective communication channels, a platform whereby companies form and increase awareness of their brand, and also improve the attitude of the target audience to their own products and services.


Recently, the company «EnergoFront» has designated its presence on the main social platforms - VKontakte and Facebook. The created official pages highlight a large number of intra-corporate and intra-industry topics: from the news of the market and expert comments to the unique developments of the EnergoFront team and congratulations on professional holidays.

 The opinion of Communications Manager of LLC «EnergoFront» Olga Konstantinova:

«I believe that the creation of an Internet community is the most preferred way to get the general audience familiar with the company's activities. Within the community, customers can discuss the advantages and disadvantages of company products, as well as solve problems connected with their use. For the company, social networks are a great opportunity to acquaint future customers and partners with the results of their own research in the industry, to show and strengthen their leading positions. I am confident that the creation of the official pages of EnergoFront in social networks will positively affect the recognition and loyalty to our products and services».

 See you online,

Team EnergoFront #FrontInfo


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