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«EnergoFront» has successfully delivered variable-frequency drives for the constructed icebreaker «Arktika» to the committee

12 Октября 2017

In the middle of 2016, the lead nuclear icebreaker was floated out. The length of the universal nuclear icebreaker (Project 22220) is 173.3 metres, width – 34 metres, displacement – 33.5 thousand tonnes, crew – 75 members. It provides a passage for ships at the arctic conditions. It is designed for penetrating flat ice with the thickness of 2.8 – 2.9 metres with sustained speed. It is a dual draught icebreaker: in the deep draught mode the icebreaker is able to penetrate thick ocean ice, in the shallow draught mode it is able to work at river beds.

icebreaker «Arktika»

In the frame of the large-scale project of LLC «EnergoFront» that is related to the provision of the equipment to the icebreaker «Arktika» the performance of acceptance and commissioning tests is continued. This time the works has been conducted at the site of RUSTMASH plant (Moscow Oblast) that is a part of TRIOL Corporation. The acceptance of variable-frequency drives and transformers was conducted by the committee consisting of representatives of LLC «EnergoFront», HMS «Livgidromash» JSC, JSC «Kirov-Energomash Plant». This equipment will be a part of the ПЭМА 250-80 pump unit, which in its turn is designed to supply feedwater to the steam turbine plant of the icebreaker «Arktika» (Project 22220).

When the works were finished, the accepted equipment was shipped to the address of HMS «Livgidromash» JSC for the final assembly and the conduction of comprehensive tests of ПЭМА 250-80 pump units.

The opinion of the Project Manager of LLC «EnergoFront» Ilya Zagorodniy: «All scheduled acceptance and commissioning tests were conducted under normal conditions, without any failures or remarks. The protocols, certificates and other necessary documents were signed. We are satisfied with the result. The next goal is to conduct comprehensive tests of pump units successfully, followed by the shipment to the customer».

With a wish to implement scheduled plans,

Team EnergoFront #FrontProject


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