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EnergoFront increases the potential in the field of energy-efficient solutions

24 Марта 2017

One of the key advantages of any company is the constant search for new technological solutions for further business development, as well as the gradual and systematic expansion of the geography of activity by concluding new partner contracts in various regions.

«EnergoFront» company pays special attention to a detailed study of technical capabilities, as well as the potential of its current and future partners. It always thoroughly studies all issues: from the development of documentation to the conditions for storing equipment at partners’ factories.

EnergoFront increases the potential in the field of energy-efficient  solutions

From 14th to 17th of March, the specialists of LLC «Energofront» visited the factories of manufacturers of ballast equipment in the Moscow region and Cheboksary.

In the framework of the task of energy efficiency market research, the representatives of «Energofront» company held a number of meetings at the factories of developers and manufacturers of high voltage frequency inverters and control stations. The meeting was attended by existing partners and new companies, including such factories as «TRIOL» in the Moscow region, and three factories in Cheboksary: «VNIIR», «CHEAZ», and «EKRA».

The purpose of a full-time technical audit of factories-manufacturers was to determine the technical-production and engineering potential of enterprises, to study the principles of partnership with engineering companies and to choose the permanent partners for the integration of ballast equipment into the projects of «EnergoFront». «EnergoFront» company group promotes modern reliable equipment to the market and is interested in having in its assortment a wide range of solutions for effective regulation of parameters of various mechanisms.

According to Pisarevsky I.B., the leading technical support engineer, the energy market is actively developing and our task is to keep the modern development trends in focus and have the most objective idea of ​​the opportunities of our partners in St. Petersburg and in other regions of the country.

The opinion of the Head of the Procurement Department of LLC «EnergoFront» Mikhail Gladushenko:

«My colleagues and I were particularly impressed by the capacities of the factories in Cheboksary, and in general by the strong technical equipment of the region. This trip left only positive emotions, everything makes you want to cooperate. However, it is early to make any conclusions, there are a couple more visits to different cities, and only then, we will be able to sum up the results».

With the wish of new opportunities,

Team EnergoFront #FrontAudit


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