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EnergoFront is again the best in Inter-RAO

20 Декабря 2018

The end of the year was marked by a victory for «EnergoFront» in several competitions held by JSC «INTER-RAO».

One of them is a tender for the supply of high-pressure pipeline valves for the needs of LLC «Bashkir Generation Company». In this purchase, control and shut-off valves will be supplied for the needs of power plants included in BGC: Ufimskaya TPP-2 and TPP-4, Priufimskaya TPP, Salavatskaya TPP and the largest power plant in Bashkiria - Karmanovskaya GRES.

ЭнергоФронт снова лучший в Интре-РАО

«The supply of pipeline valves is a promising and rapidly developing direction of the activity of «EnergoFront» company. Our company is gradually expanding its product portfolio, gaining necessary expertise», - commented Alexey Shurchalin, Project Manager of LLC «EnergoFront».

Another important event is the victory in the tender for the supply of pumping equipment for CCP for Verkhnetagilskaya TPP in 2019.

As part of the purchase, pumping units will be delivered to the station on the frames to ensure the emergency reserve of CCP. The presence of this equipment will allow to quickly replace the main units in case of failure, since the supplied pump units fully correspond to the overall and connecting dimensions of the main ones. These measures will improve the reliability of the plant and reduce downtime and associated losses.

Alexey Shurchalin shared his opinion on how «EnergoFront» company regularly manage to win tenders:

«The victory in the tender is preceded by a long work with suppliers of products, with technical specialists of the Customer, which is to find the most suitable solution to the task. This solution must not only meet all the technical and operational requirements of the Customer, but also meet the specified economic indicators in terms of cost, delivery time, payment terms, etc. Fulfillment of these conditions significantly increases the chances of winning. However, the victory in the tender, being an important stage in the supply of equipment, does not mark the end of the work on the project: search for technical solution, quality production control, monitoring and compliance with delivery terms, competent installation supervision and commissioning - these are the main stages in our work.

I would also like to note that in the course of several years of mutually beneficial cooperation with our regular partners, such as INTER-RAO, we have developed trust and mutual understanding. I am sure that gained trust of our partners is also important in our competitive activity».

With a wish of winning steps,

team EnergoFront #FrontProject


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