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EnergoFront never leaves in lurch

8 Июня 2015
In December 2012 in our news we published the information about the supply of equipment for JSC “Mikheevsky GOK”, a part of “Russian Copper Company”. Since that time service specialists from EnergoFront has been realizing “design supervision” over the operation of the supplied equipment. In the middle of 2014 we faced unexpected and hard- to –explain problem- electric chemical process of erosion of cooper graphite brushes and other parts of brushing assembly of wound electric motor, on which basis motor drive of the main ore conveyor of the combine was built.

The problem was getting more difficult because of instability of this process that caused great difficulty while measuring and examination. As a result of this erosion the brushes lost their mobility in brush holders that led to irregular spread of rotor current, burning of connection space with rings, and in the end- constant casual stops of the conveyor, high expenses for service, emergency situations, etc.

We needed more than half a year to find out the reason of bad operation.

A lot of activities were completed, a lot of specialists had been involved and they finally gave up, but EnergoFront engineers kept on it. In February 2015 after long calculations we risked and offered innovative solution- using new type of brushes KPNG that has been recently designed and now is being adopted into batch production by our partner, one of electric works in Samara.

The top management from the GOK valued our efforts and sent us and our partner JSC “Tyazhmash” a grateful letter.


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