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EnergoFront offers integrated «turn-key» solutions

23 Января 2017

Most companies enter the market with a narrow motion vector. They offer a certain range of services or goods, diving into new projects occurs gradually, deliberately. Consciously and in stages there is a focus formation to one product, then another. But only being in constant movement business can grow. A comprehensive approach to solving customer problems can significantly optimize financial and time costs, as well as facilitate communication. Today customers are focused on getting full range of services from a single supplier. And when the market demand increases, there is a proposal, resolving customers “pain”.

EnergoFront offers integrated «turn-key» solutions

Due to the growth of demand for integrated services and the growth of our capabilities, on 23rd January 2017 LLC EnergoFront has started the realization of one of the new strategic initiatives to develop its competencies. Now our company intends not only to supply modern, reliable and efficient equipment for industrial enterprises in Russia and CIS countries, but also to reach a new level, offering integrated «turn-key» solutions.

Today EPCM contract is the most effective way to implement the full range of services - from the organization of engineering surveys and development of the project concept to design management, construction, and, in conclusion, completion of the finished facility into operation. First of all, it is the reduction of costs and timing of construction.

To solve these problems, company has created and will develop the Department of Implementation of Integrated Projects.

Opinion of the Projects Manager of LLC EnergoFront Chupakhin Dmitry:

«One of the main tasks in our work is the analysis of the market of industrial enterprises. So it is easier for us to navigate in demands and desires of our clients. Having this advantage, it is not difficult for us to always be afloat and offer relevant solutions. We proposed the idea of comprehensive "turn-key" solutions that allows our customers to save time and do not worry about the quality and reliability of the equipment. Customers know us and trust so they can always rely on us. By the way, we are already seeing the result of our innovation - we have requests. Passing the whole set of tasks into one hands, the customer exempts itself from unnecessary problems.»

With the wish of constant development,

Team EnergoFront #FrontInnovation


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