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EnergoFront participates in a charity project “In the atmosphere of love and kindness”

14 Декабря 2016
To be socially responsible today means to be sensitive to the world and society we live in. For companies it is a possibility to make more goods besides the working activities corresponded to the mission and aims of companies. Here there is the basis for the values that later will become approaches to work and live for every member for the team. For the staff it’s a possibility to be the part of something bigger and really important. According to the research about 53% of the staff said that for their happiness they need work where they “can do something really important”. To be the part of the team that makes improvements in the lives of people in difficult life situation means to become socially responsible and bring good.

EnergoFront participates in a charity project “In the atmosphere of love and kindness”

Since 2014 JSC “EnergoFront” has taken under patronage the State budget educational institute of Leningrad region “Siversky special (correctional) orphan asylum” for the children left legally free.

The company helps the children from the orphan asylum starting from buying necessary equipment to organization of summer vacation and trips to make children happier. This year JSC “EnergoFront” has participated in a charity project “In the atmosphere of love and kindness”.

As congratulation with the New 2017 Year the company has presented the set of consumer electronics for infrastructure of new accommodation where the pupils will live. The rooms will be like family house with double bedroom, recreation zones and auxiliary spaces.

“I wish the director of the asylum Gasunas Galina and all the staff great patience. Your work is very important. I wish every pupil to find his port where he will make his life and family. I wish you strong health and happy New Year!”, - said Alexey Gladkov, General Director of JSC “EnergoFront”.

On 23, December there will be a New Year festival with the performance made by the pupils.

Wishing happiness to your family, EnergoFront team #FrontGood


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