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EnergoFront shipped the first amount of pumping equipment within the framework of the investment project from JSC «Inter RAO – Electric Power Plants»

14 Сентября 2017

North-West CHP is the first new generation power station in Russia with a highly economical and environment-friendly technology for producing electric and thermal energy, operating on a steam-gas binary cycle. It is one of the most modern stations not only in Russia, but also throughout Europe.

According to its technical and economic indicators and the level of environmental protection, the station is the best in Russia and serves as a model for the construction of new and upgrading obsolete power plants. The station carries out heat supply to the Primorsky district of St. Petersburg and works not only in the power system of Russia, but also in Finland.

«Inter RAO – Electric Power Plants»

Within the framework of the investment project «Design, supply and installation of four high-pressure electric pumps of waste heat boiler No. 1» in 2017 - 2018 to the «North-West CHP» branch of JSC «Inter RAO – Electric Power Plants», EnergoFront supplied the first batch of equipment, including two PRNR250-32 pumps produced by Ensival Moret (France).

These pumps fully comply with the previous ones installed at the station, which allows shortening the time of installation and avoiding technical difficulties. Taking into account the fact that the previous equipment was not operated properly, LLC «EnergoFront», together with the manufacturer, developed a detailed procedure for servicing the new pumps - recommendations for cooling the mechanical end seals.

Pumps PRNR 250-32 - high-pressure circulation pumps, have the following parameters:

- Supply 647.4 m3/h,

- Head 26.8 m,

- Cavitation reserve NPSH 3,4 m,

- Efficiency 81.2%.

This equipment will increase the reliability of the boilers of heat recovery units and the unit as a whole.

 The opinion of the Project Manager of LLC «EnergoFront» Roman Topoev: «As a part of this project, we worked for the first time with the French manufacturing plant Ensival Moret. During all stages of preparatory work, we exercised full control over the production of pumps in order to avoid lining and manufacturing of substandard parts or components. We were satisfied with the result of cooperation with our foreign partner. At the request of the station, all remaining pumps must be delivered no later than December 2017. We will do our best to finish all the works on time».

With the wish of new challenges,

team EnergoFront #FrontProject


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