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EnergoFront will conduct a complex of works of the investment project «Modernization of water heating boiler house of JSC «GSR TPP»

6 Марта 2018

The investment project «Modernization of water heating boiler house of JSC «GSR TPP» is implemented within the framework of the approved by Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation Updated heat supply scheme of Saint-Petersburg. The project is aimed at improving the efficiency of the heat supply system of customers of JSC «GSR TPP» by eliminating excess, obsolete capacities and the use of modernized and new technological equipment.


The scope of work of LLC «EnergoFront» gets the supply of the total amount of pumping equipment, pipeline, isolation and control valves, equipment installation and chief-commissioning works. The project will use equipment exclusively from Russian manufacturers, which has successfully proven itself in operation at various power facilities.

The opinion of the Project Manager of LLC «EnergoFront» Svetlana Prokudina: «For our company this project has become, once again, an example of how, thanks to many years of hard work with all parties involved in the project, it is possible to achieve optimal results in the selection and coordination of equipment. Our specialists managed to solve several tasks at the same time: choose modern domestic equipment and significantly optimize the expenses for its purchase and installation. In this project, our company is fulfilling its new competencies for the implementation of the installation and commissioning of the supplied equipment. We are confident in the success of this project!».

With the wish of long-term projects,

team EnergoFront #FrontProject


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