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EnergoFront wins «amber» tender

3 Июля 2018

EnergoFront will supply two asynchronous electric motors with a phase rotor for driving ground pumps GrUT-2000/63 for JSC «Kaliningrad Amber Combine». In contrast to the previously installed engines, the new equipment will have additional characteristics, ensuring the efficiency of the electric motor when installed outdoors at ambient temperatures from -45 to +40°C.

ЭнергоФронт побеждает в «янтарном» тендере

To meet these requirements for the degree of protection, the engine design has been revised: engine cooling method IC0161, motor degree of protection IP54, terminal box degree of protection IP55.

Kaliningrad Amber Combine is the only enterprise in Russia where industrial production of amber is conducted. The plant is located near the town settlement Yantarny (former Palmniken), where about 90% of the world's reserves of amber are concentrated, the age of which is about 50 million years. Every year the Amber Combine produces about 300 tons of raw materials. Reserves of the mine are estimated at 116 thousand tons.

The opinion of the Project Manager of LLC «EnergoFront» Maxim Kosyakov: «This project will be the first in our work with JSC «Kaliningrad Amber Combine» and we will be happy to confirm our status as a reliable partner and expert in drive equipment. Now, the engines are in production. At the request of the Customer, the production and delivery times will be reduced as much as possible, so the supply of equipment is planned for the beginning of October 2018».

With a wish of brilliant victories,

team EnergoFront #FrontProject


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