Знания и опыт
         в прогресс и эффективность

EnergoFront without borders: ages change, knowledge is kept

14 Октября 2016

It’s not a secret that XXI century focuses on knowledge and high technology, approaching effectiveness. Profitability of business now depends not only on quality but on having up-to-date knowledge and possibility to be more flexible and innovative. Concentration on constant development unavoidably leads to adaptation in modern world and improvement of mind. But don’t forget that a human pushes innovations! Specialists of the company are the basis of business.


Now JSC “EnergoFront” is rapidly developing corporate strategy to increase qualification of the staff aimed to comprehensive profound studying of technology. This time specialists of JSC “EnergoFront” have done the course “Technology of ammonia production” in OJSC “GIAP”. OJSC “GIAP” is the leading research and design institute dealing with design of machines to produce ammonia, nitric acid, mineral fertilizers, methanol and products of organic synthesis. Key processes, layout solutions, and equipment used in ammonia production were studied for three lectures.

Opinion of Maxim Kosyakov, project manager JSC “EnergoFront”:

“After I have done a three-day course I have positive impressions. I consider studying was very useful. Working with customers we are now ready to implement new skills. They will help us to understand critical point in production. We are taught to deal with problems in another way, design and select more optimal solutions for our customers. Moreover, we aren’t going to stop. We have planned four more sessions to study new technologies in production”.

Knowledge is like a bridge connecting us with the future. Discoveries and achievements changing our life start today.

Wishing you constant development, Yours EnergoFront #FrontMind


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