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"Eurochem" LLC chooses JSC "EnergoFront"

3 Ноября 2016

One of the actual questions of existence is discussion about power. Knowledge is power. Or is power an experience? Basing on practice it can be found out how is thesis is controversial. The one can’t be without the other. But having recommended itself as a reliable and experienced company, new horizons are open. The level of realization of the previous projects takes the leading part in forming of trust and new partner relations.

"Eurochem" LLC chooses JSC "EnergoFront"

In October 2016 JSC “EnergoFront” for the first time cooperated with LLC “EuroChem-BMU”. The working was under the project of modernization of energy unit with construction of new cooling tower. To transfer water on condenser of turbine three pump sets Д3200-33а-2 produced by LLC “Sumy machine building plant “Sumy. Now the pumps have been commissioned and put into operation.

Opinion of Maxim Kosyakov, project manager JSC “EnergoFront”:

“We have been working with holding “EuroChem” for a long time. This year we had a chance to start cooperation with LLC “EuroChem-BMU” that we are very proud of.

Working on the project we demonstrated that we have all competences to work with large industrial companies. We are more competitive at the market.

Company “EuroChem-BMU” was very satisfied with our work. We showed high results and met the terms. We hope for long-term cooperation with the new partner and the holding on the whole.

Besides, for the first time during a long period we cooperated with LLC “Sumy machine building plant”. Due to this project we successfully renewed profitable cooperation.

Thus, this project was very significant. We received two positive feedbacks from two large industrial companies.”

Concern of reputation starts small. Approached respect and acknowledgement of one partner, the way to form reputation and its securing at the market starts. Experience is power that differs from competitors.

Wishing you accrual of experience, EnergoFront Team #FrontProject


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