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Exhibition “Pumps. Compressors. Fittings. Drives and motors”

1 Ноября 2013

In Moscow on the territory of the International Exhibition Center “Crocus Center” the traditional exhibition “Pumps. Compressors. Fittings. Drives and motors” was held. The staff from Purchase and Logistics Department of EnergoFront company took an active part in the exhibition. Besides the tasks of development of the current relationship with partners the company wants to find new manufacturers and designers of industrial equipment that will improve quality and innovation of technical solutions supplied to the market of Russia and CIS- countries.

PCVExpo occupies leading positions at the exhibition market, and it is consolidating and coordinating center of all major fields of Russian industries. 500 participants from 25 countries from all over the world installed modern designs in pump construction, compressor equipment, leading technologies in production of fitting and drive equipment.


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