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Federal law “About Introduction of amendments to the federal law “About heat supply”

3 Декабря 2014
“President of Russia Vladimir Putin signed the Federal law “About Introduction of amendments to the federal law “About heat supply”,- said  Kremlin aide.

The Federal law was taken by the State Duma on November 18 and approved by the Federation Council on November 26 2014.

The signed document includes gradual cancellation of state regulation of taxis for supply of heat energy and heat-storage medium in steam and heat energy and hot water to consumers who are directly connected to collectors of heat energy sources.

Particularly, till December 31 2017 there will be an operation duty where heat providing companies will have the right to give discounts comparing with fixed taxes for heat energy to consumers.
From January 1 2018 the regulation of these taxes will be cancelled completely excluding taxes for consumers who buy heat energy produced at the source with capacity up to 10 G cal/h or consume less than 50 thousand G cal/h. For those consumers the date of full cancellation of tax regulation will be determined acc. to the resolution of the Government of Russian Federation.


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