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Gasprom Energy Holding going to IPO

17 Сентября 2014
Gasprom Energy Holding (GEH) hopes to make IPO of 5-10% of its shares in 2016. “IPO is necessary for capitalization of the company and refund of “Gasprom” investments to power generating industry,”-was explained in GEH.” Gasprom” finances investment programs of its energy generating companies. As a result of 2013 a debt of OGK-2 to “Gasprom” Group was 24,2 bil. rubles, then the company made some contracts to invest more 15,6 bil. rubles. “Gasprom” invested into buying MOEK from Moscow for 98,6 bil. rubles. GEH has been talking about the plan of IPO since 2010. GEH explained to the paper “Ъ” that now they consider 2016 as the most appropriate period, but the company will take into account recommendations of invest banks.
GEH owns the major share of stock of OGK-2, “Mosenergo”, MOEK and TGK-1(more than 80 power stations with capacity more than 37GW, 17% from all capacity of Russia). According to company information and excluding MOEK the profit of the holding in 2013 was 338,6 bil. rubles, net profit -18 bil. rubles.


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