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Gazprom Energo Holding Increases its Profits

20 Января 2016
Gazprom Energoholding LLC expects to receive a total revenue of its production companies (Mosenergo PJSC, MOEK PJSC, TGK-1 OJSC, OGK-2 PJSC) in the amount of RUB 448.6 bln at year-end 2015, according to the Russian Accounting Standards (RAS), which is almost completely the same as the indicator for the previous period, according to the GEH press service.

The total EBITDA comes out at RUB 62.8 bln (+19.6%). Total net profits come out at RUB 11.25 bln (+196.1%).

Despite the decrease in production figures due to lower demand for electricity and heat, Gazprom Energoholding was successful in achieving considerable growth in the EBIDTA and profits in the Group as a whole.


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