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Happy New 2019!

9 Января 2019

Dear friends, colleagues and our respected partners!

The year 2018, which has become outstanding for our company for a number of reasons, has passed. Firstly, this year we have turned 10 years old. This is an entire era for the company. We have grown, strengthened our position in the market, created a team of real professionals, gained the trust of our partners and customers. Secondly, this year was a record for our company in all financial indicators. Significant growth was achieved due to the successful development of new industry areas and the implementation of major projects. I congratulate all those who have contributed to this result, devoting themselves to work at the limit of their capabilities!


Entering the new 2019, our company aims to continue growth, development of new competencies and improvement of the quality of our services.

LLC «EnergoFront» wishes all the partners and clients piece, kindness, good health and good luck in everything! The year of an earth pig is just the year in which you may not worry about income and full, quiet life!



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