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LLC «EnergoFront» continues to supply modernized pumping units PE270-150-3 to «Krimtec»

27 Июня 2017

«Krimtec» was founded on April 18, 2003. The company owns the Simferopol and Kamysh-Burunskaya CHP in Kerch, as well as the Saki heat networks (with Sakskaya CHP), total power generation capacity is 128 MW, thermal power is 633.3 Gcal/h. In 2016, the station produced 887.7 million kW/h of electricity and 369.4 thousand Gcal of heat. «Krimtec» provides the majority of the peninsula with traditional energy and has an important strategic and socio-economic significance for the entire Crimea.


The planned delivery is an extension of the integration of modern energy efficient equipment for the needs of Simferopol CHP to replace the obsolete and worn-out equipment.

LLC «EnergoFront», having carefully studied the technical side of the issue, offered a pumping unit with connecting dimensions for installation on an existing foundation. For the production of nutrient pumps PE270-150-3, HMS Livgidromash applied a modern model with a modernized flowing part with high efficiency and reliability .The latest achievements in the field of structures and materials were used in the manufacture.

After the delivery, the specialists of the service department of LLC «EnergoFront» will conduct the installation supervision and start-up operations of the pump unit.

The opinion of the project manager of LLC «EnergoFront» Igor Babich:

«One of the objects included in the structure of «Krimtec» - Simferopol CHP -until recently was in a sad state. Taking into account the considerable depreciation of the equipment, the management of «Krimtec» took a course to modernize the manufacture and increase the reliability of the CHP. One of such projects on technical improvement of Simferopol CHP was a tender for the supply of a modernized nutrient pump, in which our team won. Success that we have achieved proves once again that our relations with JSC «Krimtec» are long-term and mutually beneficial, which we are very pleased with».

With a wish for stability,

Team EnergoFront #FrontProject


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